• director: Levin Peter
  • Germany 2016
  • 92 minutes
  • German, Russian
  • Subtitles in English, Hebrew

Levin Peter’s grandfather now lives in a small room in an old people’s home but in 1943 he was stationed in Ukraine as a soldier of the Wehrmacht. A photo album that Levin finds in his grandfather’s cupboard leads him back to the war. The final photos show silhouettes of people on snow-drifted plains near the eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol.
These photos became the inspiration for a film that connects long discussions between grandfather and grandson with ghosts of the past.
Filmography: A Promise (2012), Prestes Maia (2008).

  • director Levin Peter
  • Production Sarah Schmidt
  • Script Levin Peter
  • Filming Yunus Roy Imer, Levin Peter
  • Editing Stephan Bechinger
  • Music John Gürtler
  • Festivals Berlinale
  • Source Deckert Distribution, Leipzig

Beyond the Snowstorm

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