General Information

Ticket prices:
Single ticket: 42 NIS
Soldiers/Senior Citizens/Students/Handicapped: 37 NIS
Subscription 8+2 free: 336 NIS

Lottery Subscription Holders:

20% discount (Limited for 2 tickets only)

Festival viewers will receive a courtesy ticket for one child for exhibitions held until the end of 2013
Tickets will be distributed by Madatech personnel in the Festival City
or at the Madatech Entrance upon presenting a movie ticket from the Haifa Festival

Cinematheque subscribers:
2 free Festival tickets when purchasing an annual Haifa Cinematheque membership against vouchers received when purchasing membership
For members of other Cinematheques: reduced ticket, 37 NIS with membership card.

Young Badge – Young Cinema Viewers:
Daily entry badge, subject to availability, for young people between the ages of 16 to 21. Price: 55 NIS
Discount upon purchase of 4 badges for 4 days or more: 45 NIS per day.
Student Badge -
Daily badge, subject to availability, for film students only. Price: 70 NIS
Discount upon purchase of 4 badges for 4 days or more: 60 NIS per day.
Until 18:00 entry will be made available to all Festival theatres.
After 18:00 entry will be possible only to the Auditorium and Kriger theatres.
The badge is personal, given separately for each day and non-transferable.
Entry will be according to instructions by the ushers and subject to availability.

All discounts require presentation of appropriate ID at the Auditorium box office.
Seats will be kept until the beginning of each screening. Late arrivals will be directed to alternative seats.

No cancellation or changes allowed after purchase.

No Overlapping Discounts

Ticket Sale

Ticket sale on-line www.haifaff.co.il
Sale begins on 3 September, 2013

Advance Sale:
Auditorium Box Office: 04-8338888
142 Hanassi Ave. Haifa
Sale begins on 8 September, 2013

Tickets purchased by Internet / Phone will be handed out in the Auditorium Box – office

When the first film is screened in Tikotin– Tickets will be handed out 30 minutes before screening.

Opening hours of Auditorium box office pre festival:
Sunday - Tuesday , 10.00-19.00
Friday, 13 Sep, 09:00-12:00
Wednesday, 18 Sep, 09:00-14:00

Tickets sale during the Festival:
Auditorium box office: 09:00 - start of last screening
Tikotin box office: 45 minutes before screening, full price and cash only

Kriger box office: 45 minutes before screening, full price, credit and all discounts

Festival Center:
The Ruth & Bruce Rappaport, Art and Culture Center
Information: 04-6339424

Screening Halls:
Haifa Auditorium, 138 Hanassi Ave.
Haifa Cinematheque, 142 Hanassi Ave.
New Rappaport Hall, 142 Hanassi Ave.
The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Auditorium Raphael, 89 Hanassi Ave.
The Kriger Center for the Performing Arts, 6 Eliahu Hackim St. Carmel Zarfati
Syncopa, Paris Square - Khayat 5 , 054-614264 Students Cinema

Handicap access available at all theatres Full details available in the Festival's web site

Paid parking available at Auditorium car park and Panorama car park
Free parking and easy access available at Kriger Center
Free Parking next to all sideways marked in blue & white, during the Festival
Handicap parking will be available on Habroshim street in front of the Auditorium

Arriving directions to the Festival:

The Carmel Tunnels:
Entries and Exits: Haifa South Interchange, Ha'Krayot Interchange, Neve – Shawanan Interchange (next to the Grand Canyon).
Customer service: *5424, 04-6895424

Egged Transportation in Haifa:
From Central Bus Station "Hof Hacarmel" to Central Carmel: 3, 132, 133
From Central Bus Station "Hof Hacarmel" to Carmel Zarfati (Kriger): 115
From Central Bus Station "Hamifratz" to Central Carmel: 23, 131, 132 ,133
From Central Bus Station "Bat Galim" and downtown to Central Carmel: 3, 5, 23, 28, 37 From Central Carmel to Carmel Zarfati (Kriger): 31, 30

Egged Inter-City Transportation:
From "Tel-Aviv New Central" Station to "Hof Hacarmel" Haifa: 910
From "Arlozorov Terminal" Tel-Aviv to Haifa: 910
From Jerusalem Central Station to Haifa: 940
From Ra'anana, Natanya, Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa: 940, 947, 960
* Inter-city passengers are advised to buy an attached inner-city ticket
* Schedule changes on Saturdays

Egged (bus service)
Information: Phone - 03-6948888 or *2800
Sunday-Thursday: 07:00 – 23:00
Friday/Holiday Eve: 08:00 – 15:00
Saturday/Holidays: starting ½ hour after Sabbath/Holiday ends till 23:00

Night Bus Service:
Tzabar Junction to Dado beach, through Central Carmel: 200
Down Town Haifa to Tirat Carmel, through Central Carmel: 205
During the Festival, 23:00 – 04:00, twice an hour to each direction.
www.kav-layla.co.il, *2800

Carmelit (local underground train):
Central Carmel - Hadar - Down Town
Sunday-Thursday: 06:00 – 22:00
Friday and Holiday Eve: 06:00 – 15:00
Saturday: No Service

Information: Phone - 03-6117000 or *5770
www. rail.co.il

Festival Offices:
ETHOS - Haifa Company for Art, Culture & Sport Ltd.
142 Hanassi Ave.

Internet: Festival

Festival Information: 04-6339424; 04-8103471

The 30th Haifa International Film Festival 9-18/10/2014